Guidewire Claim Center Functional Course for Quality Analyst.

Gain expertise in the functional aspects of claims management, covering end-to-end processes, stakeholder collaboration, and system optimization for seamless insurance claims handling.

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What you'll you learn?

  • Claim Center FNOL Process
  • Claim Adjudications Flow
  • Claim Center Incident, Recoveries
  • Claim Center Customizations
  • Claim Center Payment Transctions
  • Claim Service Request

Key features

  • Basic Software Testing Knowledge
  • Understanding of Claims Processes
  • Insurance Domain Overview
  • Collaboration and Communication Skills
  • Test Data Management Skills
8 Lessons 06:16:12 Hours
Guidewire Claim Center Functional - Kickstart
1 Lessons 00:55:25.000000 Hours
  • Intro to Claim Process, FNOL and sample Claim Creation
  • Payment LifeCycle and User & Permissions
  • Claim Maintenance and All Important entities and CLaims Data Model
  • Intro to Organization and Groups and User in CC Application
  • Claim Import, Setup and Payments lifecycle with Data Model and Adjudication process
  • Line Of Business, LOB Model and Financial Transactions
  • Data Model and Financial Transaction with User Details
  • Service Request, Activities, Document, Notes and Matters Impl
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Course description

The Claim Center Functional Course for Quality Analysts is designed to equip QA professionals with specialized skills in testing and ensuring the quality of Guidewire ClaimCenter, a prominent platform for insurance claims management. This detailed course covers the following key aspects: Insurance Claims Processes Understanding: In-depth exploration of the end-to-end insurance claims processes, from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to settlement, enabling QAs to align testing strategies with real-world scenarios.

Test Case Design and Execution: Comprehensive training on designing effective test cases that encompass various claims processing scenarios. QAs learn to execute tests to validate data accuracy, system responses, and workflow functionality.

Guidewire ClaimCenter Configuration Insights: Understanding how Guidewire ClaimCenter is configured to meet specific business requirements. This knowledge empowers QAs to identify critical areas for testing and ensures a thorough grasp of system behavior. Regulatory Compliance Testing: Exploration of regulatory compliance considerations within the insurance industry, enabling QAs to design tests that verify adherence to industry regulations and standards. Collaboration with Business Analysts: Emphasis on effective collaboration with business analysts for clear communication of requirements and accurate test case creation. QAs learn to bridge the gap between technical aspects and business needs. Defect Identification and Reporting: Training on identifying and reporting defects efficiently, ensuring clear communication to developers for prompt resolution. QAs acquire skills in documenting issues with precision. Risk-Based Testing Strategies: Insights into risk-based testing approaches, allowing QAs to prioritize testing efforts based on the criticality of specific areas in the claims system. ClaimCenter Functionality Validation: Practical exercises and case studies that enable QAs to validate the functionality of Guidewire ClaimCenter. This includes verifying system responses, data accuracy, and overall user experience. Test Automation Opportunities: Depending on the course, QAs may learn about test automation within the Guidewire ClaimCenter environment, enhancing efficiency and coverage for repetitive and critical test scenarios. Real-world Application: Practical application of learned concepts to real-world scenarios commonly encountered in claims processing. QAs gain hands-on experience to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Frequently asked questions

The course focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of the functional aspects of claims management within Guidewire ClaimCenter, covering processes, stakeholder collaboration, and system configuration

The course is designed for professionals in the insurance industry, including business analysts, claims managers, and individuals involved in optimizing claims processes

The course includes in-depth modules covering the entire claims lifecycle, including FNOL, investigation, and settlement, ensuring a thorough grasp of functional aspects and best practices

Participants will acquire practical skills in configuring and optimizing Guidewire ClaimCenter to align with industry standards, enhancing their ability to contribute to real-world claims operations.

The course emphasizes effective collaboration with stakeholders, providing insights into gathering and analyzing requirements essential for successful claims management

Yes, the course imparts problem-solving skills, enabling graduates to address challenges related to system customization, stakeholder expectations, and process optimization.

Yes, the course caters to both beginners and experienced professionals, providing foundational knowledge and advanced insights into Guidewire ClaimCenter functionality.

Yes, participants will gain an understanding of how Guidewire ClaimCenter integrates with other systems to ensure a holistic approach to claims management.

Graduates will be well-equipped to contribute to more efficient and streamlined claims operations, making them valuable assets to organizations leveraging Guidewire ClaimCenter
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Guidewire Claim Center Functional Course for Quality Analyst.

Gain expertise in the functional aspects of claims management, covering end-to-end processes, stakeholder collaboration, and system optimization for seamless insurance claims handling.

0 (0 Ratings) 13 Students
Created by Educadmy Admin
Last updated Fri, 15-Dec-2023
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